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I am so happy about the last year and say thank you ,
Thank you for the many new friends ,
Thanks for the help and support on my way ,
Thanks for the travel and the many invitations and gifts ,
Thanks for the deep insight ,
Thanks for everything was and what is .
Thank you
Thanks that so many of my "children" have a found a new home and
Thanks for the enthusiasm , joy and love that was given to me.
Thank you
Thank you for my task in this process of change and the World Thanks that so many are actively involved and I'm a part of it. With heartfelt joy I go my way and this setting it is important for everyone. Thank you that I can reach as many people about my pictures, enrich and help .
Thank you
2014 is filled with new things and I look forward immensely to it. One of the most ingenious innovations is , I have an art agent. A wonderful woman who understands me and feel my pictures and can appreciate , it is the angel of suits Angel of Art .
Thank you
Together there will be plenty of exhibition and we look forward to meeting you at one and another exhibition. Thanks for the openness and the recognition of the energy and power of my pictures . Thanks to the variety of ways that more and more people from the images load shall draw joy, love, energy.
Thank you
Another new feature , there was already this year , the calendar . Thanks to everyone who bought one and I promise next year there will be even more products from my images, they are already in the works .
Furthermore, even very special seminars in planning, I am eagerly waiting on it . So much new and exciting encounters with enchanting people .
Thank you
I can not say enough thank you and I know it will be the most brilliant year now , because now is still much more to follow .
I wish you with all my heart the happiest , most loving and most peaceful New Year
Be blessed and feel like embracing in love

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Go down the path to joy and love and everything will happen as it is good for you and the world.

Openness to change in love is needed. Be willing to listen and understand inward what your heart tells you.

Love yourself, feel it completely and give exactly on that love.

I love you


Angel of Art


here you can see me at work