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Dear friends!

After it gives me so much fun to give courses, I have decided to offer here.

What you can expect at a course according to Angels Art?

It offers you an extraordinary experience with your self.

Imagine You can again be a child and finally, bypassing even with color as you always wanted it. You dive into the world of colors, have fun and it will be clear to you how creative you are.

But it is much more, it is a day you will learn

let go and that you will never forget, because you're going home with two paintings and they are getting you to remember.

The course lasts for a day or spend as long as it makes us both fun and a night you should be in Salzburg, because that is the time needed by the images to dry.

Have I made ​​you curious, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Love from my heart and let it flow